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Practice Updates

June 2024

Our new 6W dual dental laser represents a significant advancement in the dental care we offer to our patients. This cutting-edge technology allows us to precisely contour uneven gum lines, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our patients’ smiles with minimal discomfort and faster healing times. Additionally, the laser’s precision and effectiveness improve the success rates of root canal treatments by thoroughly disinfecting root canals and removing infected tissues more efficiently. With these capabilities, our dental practice can provide higher quality care, ensuring better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

October 2023

Another new team member! We just purchased a new high-tech gadget – a new autoclave to ensure the best sterilisation process for instruments for our patients. Recommended especially for implant placement equipment!

August 2023

Dr Vekaria is now running Wednesday evening facial aesthetics clinic – call us to book your free consultation!

Here’s the newest member of the team! We recently purchased a new water distiller so our water is the purest for our patients


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